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Venus Star Management Desk

Founder & Director

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

The Leader Behind Venus                                                   

At the helm of Venus Star Construction Pvt Ltd, stands a visionary leader who has revolutionized the industry with his unparalleled expertise and foresight. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, the Founder and Chairman of the company, is a true game-changer, who has propelled the organization towards unprecedented heights of success.

With a career spanning over two decades, Mr. Singh has emerged as a stalwart in the field of construction business. He has established himself as a thought leader in the industry, known for his innovative strategies and bold decision-making.

Mr. Sanjay Singh's unwavering commitment to delivering excellence can be observed in every aspect of the company's operations, from the innovative techniques employed in the construction process to the exceptional quality of the final structures. His keen eye for detailed  commitment to customer satisfaction have earned Venus Star Construction Pvt. Ltd. a reputation for being a reliable and trusted brand.

But Mr. Singh's contributions to the industry go beyond just the success of his own company. He is a firm believer in giving back to society and has spearheaded numerous philanthropic initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, and environment conservation. His dedication to social responsibility has earned him widespread recognition and respect from his peers in the industry.

In conclusion, Mr. Sanjay Singh is not just a Chairman, but a true visionary who has set new standards of excellence in the industry. His passion, expertise, and philanthropic spirit have made him a role model for the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Mrs. Veena Kumari

In the heart of Venus Star Construction shines a remarkable luminary, Mrs. Veena Kumari, a multi-faceted force of nature who gracefully weaves the roles of mother, wife, and entrepreneur into a harmonious tapestry of success. With an unwavering spirit, she stands as the unwavering beacon, illuminating the path towards excellence.

Mrs. Veena Kumari, our esteemed Director, is more than a leader; she's a catalyst for empowerment. Her journey symbolizes the essence of resilience and her spirit exemplifies the art of balance. In her, Venus Star Construction finds not only a guiding light but a trailblazer redefining the contours of success with modern flair and timeless wisdom.

She is a mentor, a guide, and a silent architect of dreams. With grace and grit, she nurtures a culture where learning and evolution thrive. Her journey is an ode to the indomitable spirit of womanhood, and her story is interwoven with the narrative of Venus Star Construction, enriching it with brilliance, depth, and purpose.


Mr. Vinay Pruthi

Mr. Vinay an esteemed and dynamic professional, steers Venus Star Construction Pvt. Ltd. (A Venus Star Group Company) with keen business acumen and foresight, placing the highest priority on ethical business principles and practices. He is a passionate leader with vision and incisive business acumen with over 2 decades of experience.

Having a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, complemented by a Corporate Post Graduation in Operation Management and extensive studies in sales management, he combines technical proficiency with business insight. His deep grasp of sales, marketing, strategic planning, market expansion, and the implementation necessary for fulfilling high-level objectives while addressing bottom-line needs reflects his dedication to upholding enduring business principles and ethics and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Mr. Vinay as an exemplary business leader is a testament to an incredible journey of putting an organization on a growth trajectory with an innovative combination of strategic initiatives and meticulous planning. He focuses on building high-quality capabilities to strengthen further the Venus Star Group's foundation, impact, and value to the stakeholders. Under his astute leadership, Venus has achieved remarkable growth and expanded its service portfolio to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients.

Mr. Vinay is recognized for his commitment to cultivating an equitable and inclusive culture in the companies under his guidance, where authenticity and simplicity form the cornerstone of his leadership style. He possesses a remarkable ability to drive innovation and transformation through cutting-edge technology. 


Meet Our Core, Management Team

Our ship relies on the expertise of a capable captains onboard. We are honored to have a team of well qualified and experienced professionals who are leading us to our destination with confidence and skills.


Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Head – Post Sales & Finance

Mohammad Rizwan

Head - Projects & Planning

Mr. Shivanand Kumar

Head - Legal & Banking

Mr. Pushyamitra

Head – C&P

Md. Imran Ahmad

Chief Manager - Accounts & Commercials

Priyanka Ranjan

Head - HR&D

Sonali Singh

Head - Marcom & Operations

Amit Kumar

Head - Sales & CRM


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